Friday, February 26, 2010

Blogger "slayton" questions idea of women maturing faster than men

Here: "Who says women mature faster than men?"

Someone writes a men's oppression list

On the net, you can find a list of male priveldge. On the site Stand Your Ground you can find a list referring to men's oppression. Here it is.

Feminist Looking Glass writer takes look at Arizona school's "chivalry" lessons

I like this. Mike writes it: "Chivalry Lives" in an Arizona Classroom

I feel in strong agreement with Mike: manners are great, and ought not be gender-specific. I'd love to have girls open doors for boys and vice versa...and students and teachers too! Manners and equality ought to go hand in hand.

Mike is also right to critique NOW. They don't need to apologize for "being an angry feminist". I know some of the readers on my blog are men's rights groups and might feel NOW deserves that label. I may or may not agree with you, but without a doubt, NOW does NOT deserve that label for simply pointing out that manners and gender equality shouldn't be mutually exclusive. And I'm guessing the men's groups will back me up on that :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

About the Jersey Shore punch

There are some on the internet who have claimed that gender equality means this:

Cletus Van Damme (Dec 7, 2009): "Well chicks want equal everything, so here you go Snookie. Equal being what it is when dudes talk a bunch of shit they have to back it up or get knocked the fuck out.

"Welcome to being equal Snookie. I'm guessing that I won't see you lined up to collect your combat pay anytime soon."

But one commenter on Huffington Post gets it right:

maude flanders: "I'm glad you caught something else...I hate this idea that we should all be 'equal' when it comes to bullshit like 'being a man' and taking a punch. That is bullshit.

"I hate the standard that masculinity = eagerness to resolve things with violence and readiness to meet a challenge. What reasonable person would give someone a hard time for walking away from a fight?"

I kind of hope that if it were me or any man who got hurt and was crying on the floor, the way, Snooki was, that the guys would give me the same care. Would they? Or would they say, "you got to be tougher"?